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About Us

Welcome to the Norfolk Clubhouse website. Norfolk Clubhouse is a new start-up charitable social enterprise operating in the Norfolk area, and is the only such enterprise currently in East Anglia.

The charity was founded and registered in June 2019 by June Webb in order to provide a sustainable place for those 18 years and over, and living with mental health difficulties, in which to actively participate in their life journey. Here, members would regain a sense of wellbeing and develop purposeful lives in the wider community.
The inspiration for the Clubhouse was taken from the International Clubhouse model, and our vision is to provide this model as a framework for Norfolk to open up community hubs which provide a county-wide opportunity for membership.
Please click or tap the button below for information on the Clubhouse movement, or have a look at our latest newsletter first.

Our Newsletter

Every quarter we publish a newsletter which includes news and events relating to the charity and our members. It’s a way of keeping in touch with each other and a much needed help in this time of Covid.
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Norfolk Clubhouse express their gratitude to The Counselling Directory for their kind provision of a free charity profile.


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