Clubhouse Trustees

Clubhouse Trustees are the volunteers who oversee the running of the charity Norfolk Clubhouse. Being a trustee means you will be making decisions that will impact on people’s lives; you’ll be making a difference to Norfolk Clubhouse, your local community and to society as a whole. In addition, you will use your skills and experience to support the charity, helping it to achieve its aims. In the process you will also often learn new skills during your time on the board.
Here is the current list of Clubhouse Trustees who are kindly serving our enterprise.

Tabby Farrar

Tabby Farrar is a digital marketing and PR professional with more than 8 years' experience promoting commercial and non-profit organisations alike. She is the founder and chair of a neurodiversity Employee Resource Group at local agency Candour.

Tabby's past PR campaigns have been awarded wins at both the UK and European Search Awards. Having previously volunteered in West Africa and Southeast Asia for a number of poverty alleviation and community development charities, Tabby is now looking forward to using both her fundraising and her marketing skills to improve awareness and understanding of what Norfolk Clubhouse offers. and to encourage ongoing financial support from the wider community.

Tabby is a Trustee supporting our PR and Fundraising priorities.

Bertone Santos-Socorro

Bertone Santos-Socorro joined us in August 2023. He has worked as a Senior Leader for the NHS over 9 years across different specialities. Bertone started his clinical journey as a Biomedical Scientist at the Oxford University Hospital where he became Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered.

Bertone believes in collaborative and innovative approaches to address the challenges faced by those with learning disability, autism and mental health problems. As a Trustee, Bertone actively contributes to strategic decision-making, ensuring that our organization remains at the forefront of advancements in the field of mental health.

Bertone’s commitment to lifelong learning and staying abreast of emerging best practices allows him to drive impactful, evidence-based programs.

Bertone is a Trustee supporting our Strategy and Impact priorities.

Mark Toole

Hello my name is Mark Toole, I am a dad of a lovely little boy. I'm an experienced, compassionate and authentic Leader. With 15+ years' experience within the telecommunications industry and Learning and Development world, this includes operational environments, people management and training and development at various levels.

I have a wide portfolio of flexible, interchangeable skills. I am a dynamic, committed and highly motivated leader capable of working in diverse environments and teams. In addition to my professional life, I also have extensive volunteering experience with over a decade supporting young people of all ages from disadvantaged backgrounds.
This is an important part of my purpose. I am passionate about supporting and enabling individuals to reach their full potential, whilst tackling the challenge social mobility places on our society.

Mark is a Trustee supporting our Social Justice priorities.

Mark Trenavin-Body

Mark Trenavin-Body brings a deep background in Finance, Strategic Leadership and Governance to Norfolk Clubhouse. Mark has held several executive and senior financial positions at Aviva, HSBC, Standard Chartered, KPMG and more recently SSP, both in the UK and internationally over some 30 years.

Mark is also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, a Trustee to several other UK charities and is on the Advisory Board for Norwich Business School, Metropolitan University in Hong Kong and GFA Exchange. Mark’s passion is working with young people and he is an active member of the mentoring schemes at the University of East Anglia and Aston University.

Mark cares about mental well-being including those with an acquired brain injury. His reasons in becoming a Trustee with Norfolk Clubhouse are that there ‘are times in everyone’s life where there is disruption, anxiety or stress that leads to impaired mental health and well-being in ourselves and others. Being close to a network who really empathise and can support those suffering with mental health issues is so important to aid recovery.’

Mark is a Trustee supporting our Financial and Sustainability priorities.

Fraser Ulph

Fraser Ulph is an experienced Occupational Health Manager with over 8 years in the industry. Having worked as an Operations and Client Accounts Manager for various large-scale clients including NHS, Local Government and Universities, he has a wealth of knowledge around healthcare and Occupational Health.

Having joined the board in 2023, Fraser is keen to use his personal and professional experiences to help enhance The Norfolk Clubhouse.

Fraser is a Trustee supporting our Strategic and Sustainability priorities.

June Webb

June Webb is the Founder Trustee of Norfolk Clubhouse. June founded the charity in June 2019 with the purpose of establishing the psycho-social model of mental health support in Norfolk, promoted by the International Clubhouse movement. Having worked in various charities including SHELTER and the CAB and as a Social Worker, June wanted to make a positive change in how adults living with mental health difficulties were supported to live rich, full and meaningful lives.

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