DIY Fundraising Ideas: A-Z

Are you looking for creative ways to raise money for your local Clubhouse? Then look no further. In this blog post, we've compiled an A-Z list of DIY fundraising ideas for a range of interests. Whether you're an arts and crafts enthusiast or a food lover, there's something for just about everyone.
  • Afternoon tea
  • Arts & crafts events
  • Why not host an arts and crafts event where participants can showcase their creativity? You could set up different stations for painting, pottery, and jewellery making. Raise money by suggesting attendees donate a small fee for participating - you could even auction off the creations at the end!

    Alternatively, what about hosting an afternoon tea? Invite loved ones to get together over finger sandwiches, tea and cakes, with a small donation for attendance.

  • Bake sales
  • Birthday giving
  • If doing all the food prep for an afternoon tea sounds a bit much, why not organise a community bake sale where lots of people can bring along their creations to be sold off in the name of a good cause?

    One easy option for fundraising is to ask people to give to charity instead of giving gifts this year. Norfolk Clubhouse can accept donations directly through our site, or via JustGiving, making it easier than ever for people to give a charitable gift.

  • Cycling
  • Car washes
  • Get fit or keep your neighbours happy with either of these options - a sponsored cycle for the activity enthusiasts among us, or encouraging donations from your local community in return for a hand car wash.

    Just like hand car washes, a sponsored cycle ride could be completed solo, or as part of a group!

  • Dog show
  • Drawing contest
  • Organise a dog show where local dog owners can show off their furry friends and compete in various categories, or a drawing contest for art enthusiasts! Request an entry fee or ask for donations to participate.

  • Easter egg hunt
  • Eurovision party
  • Easy! Hide eggs in a designated area and charge a small fee for egg hunters to participate. If europop is more your style, why not throw a themed Eurovision party with costumes, food and other fun things?

  • Fancy dress
  • Film night
  • Nominate a theme and encourage donations for wearing fancy dress to work or a social event. Or, host a movie night where a suggested ticket fee for a screening and snacks goes in the charity pot.

  • Games night
  • Give something up for a while
  • Whether you prefer board games, video games or card games, games nights can be a great way to raise funds for good causes!

    Alternatively, a solo fundraising option that’s always popular is to ask people to sponsor you for giving something up - for example a month without social media, sugary snacks or something else you would normally have.

  • Head shave
  • Hiking
  • If you’re feeling really brave, why not offer yourself up to a charity head shave - promising to brave the shave only if sponsors help you to reach a certain fundraising target?

    Another popular option is a sponsored hike - and Norfolk has many beautiful hiking routes to enjoy.

  • International evening
  • It's a knockout
  • Theme nights can be great fun, so why not host an international evening with music, cuisine and dancing from a certain part of the world?

    If fitness activities are more your style, ‘It’s a knock-out’ is a great way to bring the chaos of a school sports day to adult family and friends.

  • Jigsaw puzzle marathon
  • Jumble sale
  • Marathons aren’t for everyone, but what about a jigsaw marathon? Seeing how quickly you can complete enormous puzzles is family-friendly, mindful fun.

    If you’ve got clutter to clear, a jumble sale is another popular option for getting rid of unwanted things and raising money for charity at the same time.

  • Karaoke
  • Kick a habit challenge
  • Unleash your inner superstar with a karaoke fundraiser. Rent a karaoke machine and invite people to sing their hearts out. Encourage attendees to donate money for song requests or votes for their favourite performances.

  • Livestream challenges
  • Loose change collection
  • In today's digital age, live streams have become immensely popular. Take advantage of this by organising livestream challenges. Participants can stream themselves engaging in unique activities like gaming.

  • Mindfulness marathon
  • Music events
  • A mindfulness marathon involves being sponsored for completing a continuous, extended period of mindfulness activities such as meditation, yoga, puzzles and/or crafts, rather than completing a traditional physical marathon like walking or running.

    Music events like open mic nights, karaoke contests and ticketed gigs are all great ways to raise funds by charging a small fee for entry and encouraging additional donations throughout the event.

  • Name the bear/mascot
  • Nighttime walk
  • All you need for “name the bear” is a cuddly toy to give away, and the donations will do the rest! For a pound or two a go, have entrants guess the name of your cuddly mascot - with the winner taking the teddy home.

    Night walks are a more physical but equally community-engaging choice, where you can seek sponsorship per mile/kilometre or simply as an overall sum to motivate or reward you for completing the challenge. Just ensure there are at least 2 people doing the walk, to be on the safe side.

  • Original recipe contest
  • An original recipe contest is exactly as it sounds: entrants submit their recipes for judging, with the winner taking home a prize. You can raise funds by charging a fee for entry, as well as by encouraging local businesses to sponsor the event.

  • Plank/press-up challenge
  • For the fitness fanatics among us, plank and press up challenges can either be completed as a one-off endurance event - doing as many as possible or for as long as possible in one day - or can be a month-long challenge where the aim is to either spend a certain amount of time planking or complete a certain number of press ups each day.

  • Quiz and chips night
  • A Quiz and Chips Night pairs trivia with dinner for a great bit of family entertainment. Revenue is generated through team entry fees, ticket sales, and additional fundraising activities during the event such as mini raffles and guessing games.

  • Raffles
  • Running
  • Raffles are a classic fundraising idea that never fail to attract attention. Collect prizes from local businesses and supporters and sell raffle tickets to your community. Draw the winning tickets at an event or online, and watch the excitement unfold.

    Running, just like cycling and walking, is a fitness fundraising option that can be completed solo or with friends, as a one-off endurance option or an ongoing daily or weekly challenge.

  • Sponsored silence
  • For those who enjoy some peace and quiet, a sponsored silence can be a great pick. A Sponsored Silence involves individuals committing to silence for a specified period, seeking sponsors who pledge donations based on the duration of their silence.

  • Tombola
  • A tombola is very similar to a raffle in that people buy numbered tickets in the hope of winning prizes. The key difference is that rather than picking any prize they like if they win, people win specific prizes which ticket numbers have been assigned to ahead of drawing the winners out.

    U, V:
  • Uniform-free day
  • Video game contest or marathon
  • Everyone loves a day without uniforms or formal attire, so why not turn it into a fundraising opportunity? Organise a uniform-free day at a school or workplace. Participants can donate a small fee to dress in casual or fun outfits for the day.

    Or how about a video game event? You could organise a contest centred on a specific game, or do your own solo gaming marathon where sponsors can enjoy a livestream as you work to keep gaming for an extended period.

  • Walk
  • If staying active is more your style, a sponsored walk remains one of the most popular ways to earn some cash for charity.

    X, Y, Z:
  • Yoga marathon
  • Zero waste week/month
  • Okay so we couldn't think of anything for X just yet (X-treme baking, maybe?) but the range of marathons you can complete doesn't stop at running, walking and mindfulness - there's the option to do a sponsored yoga marathon too!

    And finally, one more alternative to tasks that involve physical activity: a zero waste week or month. Raise money for a great cause and help the planet too, by seeking sponsorship to try maintaining a zero waste lifestyle for a set period. Who knows, maybe the habit will even stick.

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